Win A $100 Walmart eGift Card!

For those of you who may not have known, TSG is a big movie buff.  From Star Wars to Great Expectations, my movie collection is overflowing.  However, it seems as though it’s gradually becoming more about quantity rather than quality.  When TSG sees a great movie deal, it just seems necessary to snag it!  Somebody will watch it eventually, right?  Lately, there have been some super deals on  Just over the weekend, I purchased Shutter Island and The Amazing Spider-Man, and was able to get them for $10 and $20, respectively.  TSG has a knack for finding unbelievable deals, hence why he’s so important to Swagbucks!

I think we all know Walmart is not just useful for finding great movie deals.  It’s useful for finding great everything deals!  From digital cameras to eReaders, from basketballs to tennis racquets, from jewelry to luggage, there’s nothing you can’t find at Walmart, and there’s nothing you can’t find for an unbeatable price!

Right now, you can enter to win a $100 Walmart eGift Card for as little as 12 Swag Bucks!  With a Walmart eGift Card, you get low prices every day on thousands of popular products in-store and online at  The Walmart eGift Card can be used for purchases at Walmart stores,; also for purchases by SAM’s Club members in U.S. SAM’S Club stores and at  Walmart currently has over 10,000 retail units, including Walmart stores, SAM’S Clubs, and Walmart SuperStores, in 27 countries.

Hurry – score DOUBLE ENTRIES until 3pm PST.

If TSG came over for movie night, what movie would we watch?