Do It Yourself – Cookie Cutter Wreath

If you are looking for a fun crafty family activity for the holidays, here’s one of my favorites.


photo courtesy of iCraft daily

What you need:

  • Approximately 30 metal cookie cutters
  • Tacky wax
  • Small paper clips
  • 3 yards of wide ribbon for bow
  • Scissors


  1. On a flat surface, arrange the cookie cutters in a circle.  Make sure all of the cutters have contact points.
  2. Secure the contact points with tacky wax and small paper clips.  This temporary adhesion will allow you to disassemble the wreath and keep your cutters for cookie making.  Turn the wreath shape over.
  3. Tie a ribbon bow.  Paper-clip it to the wreath top.  Trim the ribbon ends.

The most difficult part of the entire craft is forming the bow.  If you agree, here is a video I found that might help.  Click here.  I would also suggest scouring the thrift stores throughout the year for metal cookie cutters if you want to actually glue them together.

Feel free to try this out, and if you do, post a link to a picture of your finished product in the comment section below.  I might hook you up with 100 Swag Bucks!