Poll Round-Up – Week of December 1, 2012

Oh my goodness, Swaggernauts, are you as overwhelmed with the holidays as I am?   So much to do, so little time.  But no matter how busy I am, I still start my day with answering the Daily Poll.  Let’s see what Swag Nation had to say this past week.

If we took all the poll results from last week and combined them into one Swaggernaut we would have someone who will most miss Twinkies, occasionally honks their car horn, saves all their Swag Bucks for themselves, is going to check out the new Discounts & Savings section under the Redeem menu, believes in love at first sight, doesn’t watch boxing and every once in a while can be found washing their pot holders.  Does this sound like you?

Want to see the results from individual days?  Go to the Daily Polls page and click on the Previous Polls area. If you have a suggestion for an upcoming poll send them to PollIdeas@swagbucks.com

As I’ve said, I start my day with the Daily Poll.  What is the first thing you do on Swagbucks on an average day?