Swagbucks Is Here To Help – KatieMcCormick

Here at Swagbucks, we pride ourselves on the ability to help our users.  Whether it’s using Swagbucks to save money on groceries, pay your bills, get your holiday shopping done, or just kill your boredom, we are happy to assist you in any way we can.  We love hearing from our Swaggernauts as they express their gratitude to us, because it reinforces why we are here in the first place.  Today we’re happy to share a wonderful testimonial from one of our recent winners of the Swagbucks Holiday Hundreds Giveaway, Swaggernaut Here is a wonderful testimonial sent in by Swaggernaut, KatieMcCormick:

I heard about swagbucks on a blog called Money Saving Mom. It sounded neat so I signed up. Not long after, I began ranking up Swagbucks like crazy. I usually take surveys that give me the most bucks. Typically, I buy the Amazon gift cards with my bucks. Not long after I began using Swagbucks I got an email saying I won a $100 gift card to my choice of store. It was too good to be true I thought, but it was real. I chose Cabela’s for my $100 gift card, my boyfriend had been begging for hunting boots from there so I bought them for Christmas with my gift card (I won’t tell him that I got the boots for free though so he will buy me something just as nice). I became a Swaggernaut on November 1st, and by December 1st I had $125.00 worth of prizes! I also love the shop and earn offer. I never used to make online purchases but now I do. I earn bucks for shopping at Amazon, Ulta, Target and more! Now I am telling all my friends and family about this site and getting referral points from them. Everyone should know about this site especially college students like me. I will never use another search engine again!

Thank you so much!


Well, KatieMcCormick, congratulations on all of your Swagbucks success and I hope your boyfriend loves his new boots!

If you want to share your story, e-mail us at Contests@Swagbucks.com.  If we share your story in the blog, we’ll hook you up with 100 Swag Bucks!  Be sure to include your Swag Name, as well as a picture of yourself you wouldn’t mind sharing with the community.

We’re looking forward to hearing from all of you.  Happy Swaggin’!