TSG’s Tips – The New Swagbucks Toolbar

Morning!  TSG is here with an exciting update!  Every day, after stuffing my face with scrambled eggs and potatoes (TSG’s favorite breakfast), TSG signs into Swagbucks and runs straight for the daily bonus bucks.  I cast my vote in the Daily Poll, browse through the NOSO’s, and enhance my Swagbucks experience by having the Swagbucks Toolbar downloaded on my browser.  Here at Swag Central, we are constantly pursuing new ways to improve our site and your earning opportunities.  That is why, Swaggernauts, we are now introducing the new and better-than-ever Swagbucks Toolbar.

With the new Swagbucks Toolbar, you have the ability to search, watch SBTV, and now, find Swag Codes.  Instead of visiting our Search page, you can conveniently perform any web search from wherever you are on the internet!  To search, simply type in the search box and click on “Search and Win.”

Just as in our previous Toolbar, you have access to SBTV, ready for watching right from your browser.  To watch SBTV, click on the SBTV button.  You may need to first click on the two arrows on the right side of the Toolbar to find the SBTV button.

You will see, to the left of the SBTV button, a box titled “Check for Swag Code.”  This is where things get exciting.

This box, upon clicking “Check for Swag Code”, will either provide you with a hint to the current active Swag Code or it will display an active Swag Code right there.  If a hint is provided, it may say, for example: “Check Facebook”.  If a code is provided, just copy and paste that string of text into the “Gimme” box on the Swagbucks homepage to redeem your bucks.

You also have the option of adding apps to your Swagbucks Toolbar.  To do so, simply click the plus sign (+) all the way to the right of the Toolbar.

This will direct you to a site where you can choose from thousands of free apps for your browser.  From games to music to Pinterest, they have just the apps you are looking for.  TSG has already added the Sports News! app.

To visit Swagbucks.com at any time, just click on the Swagbucks logo on the left side of the Toolbar.

Just as before, you will earn 1 bonus buck every day you open your browser with the downloaded Swagbucks Toolbar.

To download the new Swagbucks Toolbar, click here and follow the steps.

We hope these improvements bring you a better and more rewarding Swagbucks experience.  Let TSG know what you think of the new Swagbucks Toolbar in the comments section below.