TSG’s Tips – Tracking Santa

Tonight is the night Santa Claus spends 364 (and a quarter) days waiting for.  It’s the night where he fills up his toy sack with the thousands of presents that everyone has been wishing for, for the past year – TSG is hoping his request for the Lakers to win the Playoffs has been received.  It’s the night where Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph work their magic to fly Santa around the world.  You do not want to miss the opportunity to look up at the night sky and watch as Santa’s sleigh zooms across the stars above you.  So, how do you track Santa Claus’ whereabouts?

Well, you have to take all of the variables into consideration.  First of all, you need to decipher the weight of the sleigh which depends on the weight of all the gifts that need to be carried.  Assuming a lot of Gift Cards are being delivered this year, the toy sack might be a bit lighter than last year.  You also must take the perpetual wind into account, and whether the sleigh is flying into it or against it.  Also, as the night goes on, the sleigh becomes heavier, due to Santa’s consistent intake of cookies and milk.  So, to figure out when Santa will be flying over your house, take the wind factor, divide it by the weight of the toy sack, multiply it by the number of reindeer, and…..you know what, just visit this site, which is the official NORAD Santa Tracker.

Merry Christmas Eve!