TSG’s Tips – Wishlist

Good morning!  I hope everyone’s December is off to a great start.  TSG spent the first few days of the month cooped up inside due to the rain and gloom.  Good thing is, though, I now had time to get a lot of holiday shopping done online.  The problem TSG has with holiday shopping is that a) it’s shopping and b) he always finds himself eyeing the items that he’d like to get, rather than tackling the gifts for his friends and family.  I haven’t yet mastered the activity of shopping without going off on tangents to browse the latest movies or books for myself.  TSG will have to ask TSGal for some helpful shopping tips.

Speaking of helpful shopping tips, with Swagbucks’ Wishlist you don’t ever have to forget about the items you were secretly eyeing while shopping for others.  This Wishlist is great and so easy to use!  Also, as another added bonus, once you put an item on your Wishlist, you can set up e-mail alerts for price changes, availability, or to let you know when you’ve saved enough Swag Bucks to afford that particular item.  Removing items is just as simple as adding them.

To add items to your wishlist, simply click on the “Add to Wishlist” button under the title of the item:

Once you press that button, this pop-up window will confirm that the item has been added:


You can keep browsing or go to your Wishlist, which you can always find on your account page:
Tell me, Swaggernauts, what’s on YOUR Wishlist?