2012 Year in Review

It’s time for another

Week in Review

where we…..

Wait!  Today is the last Week in Review of 2012!  I’ll have to change it up for this one!

TSGal here and I can’t believe

we’re at the end of December

Looking back at 2012

it was certainly a year to remember

We gave out billions of Swag Bucks,

millions of prizes were redeemed

all by our loyal Swaggernauts

while with joy their faces beamed

We reached 1 MILLION fans on Facebook,

on our birthday we turned four,

over 2.3 million new members

came through the Swagbucks door

We launched SB Originals

and Shop & Earn, who could forget

we crowned our very own Swag Mom

and sent her to Vegas on a private jet

We gave out 50 million Swag Bucks

just through Swag Codes all around

We also released a new Toolbar

that gives hints to where codes can be found

Over 3 million Swag Bucks were donated

to charity throughout the year

thanks to you we sent help to thousands

and brought them holiday cheer

So I’d say 2012 was successful

and it’s all thanks to each of you

Here’s to an even better 2013

where all our Swag wishes come true!

Thanks for a great year everyone!  Happy New Year!