And the winners of TTPTP are…

In yesterday’s TTPTP I asked you to play Madlibs and fill in the parentheses with appropriate, yet creative, words. TSG thought this little language lesson might throw some of you off but boy howdy, you guys are on top of your game. It was really difficult to pick just 1 winner (for 500 Swag Bucks) and 3 Runners Up (who got 50 Swag Bucks each). The sentence to complete was: You should see the way (noun/proper noun) can (verb) with a (noun). It’s (adjective)!

The three runners up are…

You should see the way babies can smile with a loaf in their diaper. It’s glorious (missyont from ON)
You should see the way money can disappear with a baby. It’s sad! (mxs628 from Allison Park, PA)
You should see the way TSG can clog dance with a flying squirrel. It’s unforgettable! (Cap1963 from Oshawa, ON)

(Is TSG’s biological clock ticking? Two baby entries winning…)

And this week’s TTPTP winner is…

You should see the way a kite can flirt with a key. It’s shocking! (tenten2col from Toronto, ON)

Congratulations! Great job, everyone!