Introducing The New Help Center

Getting answers from Swagbucks just got a whole lot easier!  Introducing our brand new Help Center!  This Help Center was carefully designed to give you the ins and outs of all things Swagbucks, as well as bring you immediate solutions to any concerns or issues you may be experiencing.  Taking time out of your day to contact Customer Support is taking away precious Swagging moments that you should never be deprived of.  Now, you can find just what you’re looking for within seconds, allowing you a quick return to your Swagbucks duties.  To access our new Help Center, hover over the “Tools” tab at the top of the Swagbucks site and select “Help Center”:

Once you arrive at the Help Center you’ll see a search box, frequently asked questions, video tutorials, and all of the Swagbucks topics listed on the right side of the page.  So let’s say you ordered an Amazon Gift Card and you want to know when you’ll be receiving your reward.  Simply type your keyword, in this case it would be “Reward”, in the search box and hit “Enter.”  This will populate a list of all of the Help Center articles that contain the keyword “Reward.”  Click on the article that best suits your question.  In this scenario, you would select “Where is the Reward I ordered?  How long will it take to get to me?”

Let’s say, now, that you have a question regarding SBTV.  You can follow the same format and enter “SBTV” in the search box, or you can click on the Swagbucks TV topic on the right side of the page:

On this page, you have access to the articles regarding SBTV and SBTV Mobile.  If you don’t see the article that pertains to the matter you are interested in, simply click the “click to view all articles” button, which will open up all of the articles within that topic:

If you keep hearing certain buzzwords and you aren’t sure what they mean, for example MSBD, simply visit the Swagbucks Glossary (which you can access either by searching the keyword “Glossary” or by clicking on “Swagbucks Glossary” on the right side of the page).  Here you will find the definitions to all of Swagbucks’ exclusive terminology:

From this Help Center you also have access to our video tutorials.  You can find them right from the Help Center homepage, or by selecting “Video Tutorials” on the right side of the page.  These tutorials will give you step-by-step instructions on some of our most frequently asked about features.  For example, How To Use The Daily Earning Meter.

If you’ve searched through the entire Help Center and your question still was not answered, you can contact Customer Support directly by clicking on “Submit a Help Request” on the bottom of the page, where you will be redirected to the Contact Us form that you are familiar with.  Click here for more information on the Contact Us form.

Also, don’t forget that you can also refer to the Facebook Wall for answers.  Sometimes, your fellow Swaggernauts are your best resources!  You can easily access the Facebook Wall from the bottom of the Help Center page:

We hope that this new, convenient addition to our site makes for a more rewarding Swagbucks experience!

What do you think of the new Help Center?  Let us know in the comments below.