Poll Round-Up – Week of January 19, 2013

Hey Swaggernauts!  I hope everyone’s having a great Monday!  Let’s check out the results of last week’s Daily Polls.


Looks like most of our Swaggernauts are not too interested in Kim Kardashian or her lifestyle.  I’m going to have to agree with you guys there.  I’m not one to get too wrapped up in celebrity gossip.


No matter how hot or how cold it is, I have to fall asleep with the fan on.  It’s something about the hum of the white noise that I find very soothing.  I also need to bury myself in my blankets in order to get comfortable enough to fall asleep.


Almost half of our Swaggernauts voted that you haven’t yet checked out all of the stores in Swagbucks Shop & Earn.  For those who may not know, you can earn Swag Bucks for every dollar you spend through these stores.  From Walmart to Amazon, Target to Best Buy, Nordstrom to Kohl’s you can find everything you need and anything you want.


Both my phone and my iPad offer internet, which I use daily.  Did you know you can access Swagbucks from your mobile device?  Click here to find out how.


I meditate a few times a week, as I find it very peaceful and relaxing.  Meditation helps to calm and free my mind so that I can come up with new ideas for Swagbucks, as well as keep my focus on our Swaggernauts.  To those of you who meditate, do you do so in the comfort of your own home?  Do you attend a yoga or Pilates class that incorporates meditation?  Do you meditate by yourself?


With family on the East Coast, I have definitely felt temperatures in the single digits, and let me tell you, it is freezing!  I am not a fan of the cold, and traveling back to the East to visit family always makes me appreciate nice, warm Southern California!


When it comes to my sense of style, I’m all about the comfort.  Fortunately for me, I’m a cartoon, and I only have about two outfits anyway, so I never have that problem in the morning of “what am I going to wear?”.  My creators were nice enough to give me two comfortable outfits, both of which I happen to think are rather stylish, so I guess you can say I got lucky.


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