Retail Therapy

Happy first Retail Therapy post of 2013!  What’s the start of a new year without exciting news, right?  Well, I’ve got some!  For a limited time, Best Buy has TRIPLED their Swag Buck payout for every dollar your spend through Shop & Earn.  During this promotion, instead of earning 1 Swag Buck for every dollar you spend, you’ll earn 3!  Best Buy has some great and convenient items to help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions.

One of the most common resolutions is to lose weight and/or exercise more regularly.  This is definitely one of my resolutions – I hardly ever exercise.  My issue is that, well, I’m lazy.  I don’t like to get up and leave if I don’t have to.  So I found that the perfect solution is to use an exercising video game (I’ve noticed that if it has the word “game” in it, I’m more apt to doing it – just a little psychology for ya’).  I’m a big fan of the Zumba games – they’re a lot of fun, and definitely tiring, which makes me feel like I’ve gotten a great workout.  You can get Zumba Fitness 2 now for $39.99 and you’ll earn 120 Swag Bucks on your purchase.

Zumba Fitness 2

Was your resolution to be more organized?  That’s easy enough!  Get rid of all the unnecessary clutter by categorizing your things into boxes.  Then just pick up a label maker from Best Buy and clearly label all of your boxes so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.  Here’s a helpful tip: Label each side of the box so that no matter which way you store it, you can tell what it is.  Snag this Casio label maker for $29.24 and you’ll earn 88 Swag Bucks on your purchase.

Casio KL-120 Label Maker

Another popular resolution is to save money, get out of debt, and/or keep track of your finances.  There’s a great software called Quicken that will help you do just that!  With Quicken you can organize and manage your bank accounts, credit cards, retirement savings and loans all in one place, and right on your computer.  Pick it up for $69.99 (it’ll be worth it after all of the money you’ll be saving) and you’ll earn 210 Swag Bucks for your purchase.

Quicken Deluxe 2013

One of my favorite New Year’s resolutions, and one that I try to make every year, is to learn something new.  Last year, I bought myself a piano keyboard and taught myself to play it, and I absolutely love it.  What do YOU want to learn?  Best Buy has an awesome selection of guitars, keyboards, drums and more.  Check it out and snag what speaks to you!  There’s a great Casio keyboard that’s currently on sale for $149.99!  Great deal, and you’ll earn 450 Swag Bucks for your purchase.

Casio Portable Keyboard with 76 Touch-Sensitive Keys

I love Best Buy!  I visit their site frequently, and not because I need anything, but just because I want to browse at all the goodies.  Shop at Best Buy now and take advantage of earning TRIPLE SWAG BUCKS for every dollar you spend through Shop & Earn before this promotion ends.