Super Bowl Savings

It’s almost time for the Super Bowl!  So, Ravens or Niners?  I bet many of you will be hosting or attending Super Bowl parties this weekend as you cheer on your team.  To help you save on all of your party accessories and munchies, use Swagbucks Coupons.

Looking for something to serve for when your guests first arrive?  Can’t go wrong with cheese and crackers!  Clip the coupon and save $3 on the purchase of any one HORMEL Party Tray.


What’s a party without chips and salsa, right?  Want to hear something weird?  I don’t like tomatoes, but I like ketchup, tomato sauce, and salsa!  I know, weird.  Clip the coupon and save 50¢ on any two Pace products.


Make sure you have enough napkins – parties can get very messy, and you can certainly expect at least one party foul throughout the day.  Clip the coupon and save $1 on two packs of Vanity Fair napkins.


Heat up the barbie – it’s time for sausage!  Your football fans are going to be hungry, especially if their team loses.  Make sure you have enough, filling food to keep your guests happy.  Clip the coupon and save $1 on any two Johnsonville Sausage products.


What do you think is the most important thing to have at a Super Bowl party?