Swagbucks Is Here To Help – Jade4142

Here at Swagbucks, we pride ourselves on the ability to help our users.  Whether it’s using Swagbucks to save money on groceries, pay your bills, get your holiday shopping done, or just kill your boredom, we are happy to assist you in any way we can.  We love hearing from our Swaggernauts as they express their gratitude to us, because it reinforces why we are here in the first place.  Here is a wonderful testimonial sent in by one of our Swaggernauts, Jade4142:

Not long ago I learned that I have Fuch’s Dystrophy, which means that my corneas are dying.  Although I would be eligible for cornea transplants, I have opted not to have my name put on that list.  I am 56.  I have written books and one is published; four will be when the edits are done.  I have traveled extensively.  I have probably read thousands of books.  So I won’t take corneas from a younger person who has not had the life I have. One of the things I realized as soon as I got the diagnosis is that I can’t give up reading.  I learned to read when I was 3 and I have never passed a week without reading at least one book since then.  My passion for reading requires some adjustments.  My eyes won’t see books anymore in a few months so I needed a new Kindle with a much greater capacity than my existing Kindle had so I could get most of my hard copy books onto it.  I don’t have the money for things like that.  I’m on Social Security Disability and though it is much higher than the national average because I was a good wage earner, it doesn’t have room in it for things like Kindles.  So I came to Swagbucks and earned all I could as quickly as I could, and with the Amazon gift cards I got, my new Kindle cost me $11.50.

I have home health people who come in and take care of me, because I was already disabled before the impending blindness was diagnosed.  They cook for me, and Braille labels will get added to the vacuum sealed bags in my freezer. But my freezer isn’t big enough for much more food.  Wal-Mart has a Black & Decker freezer for about $200 with delivery.  I don’t have that kind of money.  But I can get Wal-Mart gift cards at Swagbucks and get if for free.  And three Wal-Mart gift cards I recently snagged got me out of a bind.  My checking account has had, for two weeks, $25.00 in it.  That’s way too close for comfort.  So I haven’t touched it.  Three Wal-Mart gift cards that I got on Swagbucks bought my groceries on Friday.   They didn’t fill the freezer, but they bought milk and laundry soap and hamburger.  That will carry me to the 3rd when my next SS check comes. It’s a balancing act and Swagbucks has made the difference for me.  I earn Swagbucks, I buy gift cards, and I have enough groceries and I can afford that Kindle that will be my books in a few months.

The other thing Swagbucks is helping me with is the trade-in feature.  I will have no use for books in a few months.  My books are in sensational shape, and I have already traded in a bunch of them.  Today I printed the Fed-Ex label to ship a whole bunch more.  Those Swagbucks that go into my account will buy more Wal-Mart gift cards so I can buy that freezer I need and so I have a cushion so I can get the groceries I need when my checking account is in trouble. And when the freezer is in my house, I’ll go back to Amazon gift cards so I can buy audio books there, and so I can actually join audible.com through Amazon and buy one huge audiobook each month for 14.99, which I will pay for with more Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks. And in time, when I can no longer see, this won’t stop.  I will have an assistant I trust who will access my Swagbucks account and trade in more books (that they don’t want a book today doesn’t mean they won’t want it next month, so you have to keep checking) and snag more Amazon cards and get me more audio books. Swagbucks is empowering me.  Being blind stinks.  Having help with getting audiobooks rocks!

I appreciate your passion for reading and couldn’t be more thrilled that we’ve been able to help keep that passion alive.  Wishing you the best of luck and hope that you are feeling great!

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