Top 5 Ways to Get Motivated to Run a 5K

Maybe it was your New Year’s Resolution or maybe it has been on your bucket list; whatever the reason, make 2013 the year you run your first 5K.  I’ve put together 5 ways to get motivated to make that dream a reality.

Top 5 Ways to Get Motivated to Run a 5K

  1. Choose a race.  Do a search for “5k + your city name + 2013“.  You are sure to find a abundance of opportunities to support various causes. If you are an animal lover, look for a race that benefits your local shelter.  If you or your family has been impacted by a disease or disaster, look for a race that benefits that cause.  Fundraising isn’t your thing?  Check out some of the latest themed races and be chased by zombies or sprayed with colored paint.  Still not finding something that interests you?  Look in a nearby city that you’ve always wanted to visit.  Or perhaps a locale that inspires you – the beach, downtown, a ritzy neighborhood.  A 5k is the perfect time to play tourist in  your own city and gawk at your surroundings.
  2. Sign Up Now. Once you find a race that interests you plop down that credit card and register for it. Nothing keeps me more motivated than money spent.  Mark the date on your calendar so you can see it coming.  Don’t forget to mark the calendar in your office.  Post it on facebook, twitter, pinterest,  and google+.  The more people you tell about your upcoming race the more encouragement you will get.
  3. Form a Team. Ask your friends if they would like to join you in your endeavor.  Maybe even challenge them with a wager or the famous double-dog dare to see who will finish first.  If you are fundraising see who can raise the most money.  The prize could be free breakfast after the race or simply bragging rights.
  4. Get the Family Involved.  Have your children, best friend or significant other make signs to hold up on race day.  Simple “Go Daddy Go” and “You Can Do It” make a huge difference during the race.  Or get clever with “Pain is Temporary, Pride is Forever” or “Beer 3 Miles Ahead”.
  5. Choose a Race Day Outfit.  This can be a new running shirt (Target has a nice selection of affordable running gear) or you can wear a crazy costume.  I once ran a race on my birthday and created a shirt that read “Birthday Girl”.  Throughout the race strangers sang Happy Birthday to me which really kept me going.  At another race out of town where I didn’t know anyone I wore a pink wig and had spectators yelling “Go Pink Hair”.  Do whatever fits your personality best, the key is choose something you will look forward to wearing on that special day.

This can be our year!  As a better paid marketer than me once said: Just Do It!

Have more suggestions?  Let me know in the comments.  I just might hook you up with 100 Swag Bucks!