TSG’s Tips – Make Search Your Homepage

What would Swagbucks be without Search, right?  Well, TSG also knows Swagbucks would be nothing without all of you Swaggernauts, but today we’re focusing on Search.  One of the most common internet activities is searching the web, so why not earn Swag Bucks for it?  For convenient and immediate access, make Swagbucks Search the homepage of your browser!  How?  I’ll show you!

When you visit the Swagbucks homepage, hover over the “Earn” tab and click on “Search“:


This will direct you to our official Swagbucks Search page.  You may notice that it resembles another popular search engine, whose name happens to be escaping me right now.  I think it might rhyme with Moogle?  From here you have the option of making the page your homepage so that it’s your landing page whenever you open your Internet browser:

My favorite part of our Search page is the ability to change your background to anything you want!  Simply click on the “Change Background” button, and you’ll be prompted to select a photo from your computer that you’d like to be displayed.  TSG, of course, chose a background that represents his favorite NBA team – maybe making them his background will give them better luck:

What background will you choose for your Swagbucks Search page?