TSG’s Tips – Subscribe To The Blog

If you’re anything like TSG, you like to be in the know and up to date on anything and everything that interests you.  When TSG watches the Lakers, for example, you can bet his eyes are glued to the TV at all times throughout the game.  Commercial breaks are the times to use the bathroom or refill your drink, as missing any second of the game to do so is unacceptable.  Do you feel this same way about Swagbucks?  If you leave the computer you’re afraid you might miss a Swag Code or an important announcement?  Don’t worry – there’s an easy solution to this.

Simply subscribing to the Swagbucks blog will ensure that you won’t ever miss a single post again!  To do so, enter your e-mail address on the right side of the blog, underneath where it says “Don’t Miss A Single Post”:

Once you’ve entered your e-mail and clicked “Sign Up,” you will be redirected to the Email Subscription Request form where you will be asked to fill out a captcha:

This will redirect you to a new screen which will inform you that a confirmation was sent to your e-mail address.  Visit your e-mail inbox, find the e-mail from FeedBurner (you may need to check your spam folder), and follow the link to confirm your account.  Once you have confirmed your account you will see this confirmation screen:

You can now rest assured knowing that all blog updates will be sent directly to your provided e-mail address.  Stay in the loop, in the know, and in the money with Swagbucks!

What’s your favorite type of content that is posted in the Swagbucks blog?