TSG’s Tips – Swagbucks Top Bar

Welcome back to Monday, folks!  I trust everyone had a great weekend – the first weekend of 2013.  TSG cannot believe how fast time flies.  Before we know it, we’ll be celebrating another birthday.  This year, in February, Swagbucks will be turning 5!  How many of you have been with us since the beginning?

TSG just loves how loyal his Swaggernauts are.  You come to Swagbucks every day to rack up your bucks and hang out with Swag Nation, all the while making your time online more rewarding.  I’m sure many of you have your daily Swagbucks routine, be it taking the Daily Poll and watching SBTV, filling out Surveys and completing Special Offers, or spending the day on Swagbucks Search.  But how do you ensure that you are truly reaping all of the benefits of Swagbucks; that you’re seeing it all?  Maybe you’ve never noticed it before, but the bar that sits along the top of the Swagbucks site is your best resource for all things Swagbucks.  From this bar you have immediate access to all of our earning verticals, all of our rewards, our Add-ons, FAQ’s, and Customer Support, your Swagbucks Inbox, social platforms, your Swag Buck total, and all of your account information.  “All from one place?”, you ask.  Why, yes!  All from one, convenient place!  Let TSG take you on a tour of the Swagbucks top bar.

By hovering over “Earn” you’ll find all of our earning verticals:

Hovering over “Redeem” will give you access to the Swag Store, our Swagstakes, and Discounts & Savings:

Download our Toolbar, invite your friends, read through our FAQ’s, learn about our Dos and Don’ts, Contact Support, and more by hovering over “Tools”:

Next to “Tools” you have the opportunity to “Search” from wherever you are on the Swagbucks site (If you do not see the Search bar on the top bar right away, scroll down on the page):

Next, you’ll see an envelope which represents your Swagbucks Inbox.  Click that icon to visit your inbox for exclusive offers, opportunities, and updates:

Still with me?  Good!  Moving on!  After the inbox, you’ll see a little icon that looks like a little man with circles behind him (I know, I know, it would be much more exciting if that little man was a picture of TSG).  Clicking this gives you the ability to connect to your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo) right from Swagbucks:

To the right of the Social Connect button, you’ll see your Swag Bucks total.  What’s cool about this, and something you may not have known is, you can click the arrow right next to your total, and that will refresh the total.  What does this mean?  If you’ve just completed an offer, took a survey, voted in the Daily Poll, etc., and your earned Swag Bucks are not reflected on the top bar, simply click that arrow and your Swag Bucks total will update:

The final convenience on the top bar is your account info.  Simply hover over your profile image and Swag Name, and this will give you easy access to your Swag Bucks ledger, your Shop & Earn purchases, your referrals, your friends, your Order Status, and more.  Here, you can also logout of your Swagbucks account:

So maybe this tour wasn’t as exciting as the Stanley Kubrick tour TSG recently took of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), but I certainly hope it was helpful!

What do you use the Swagbucks top bar most frequently for?