Flowers With Personality

We’re inching closer and closer to Valentine’s Day – have you picked out a gift, yet?  If you’re planning on getting your valentine a beautiful bouquet of flowers, but you’re thinking, “that’s too cliche,” we have the perfect solution!  Package them in a beautiful Reva Vase and turn an ordinary gift into an extraordinary one!

Reva Vase is the amazing expandable vase.  Just fill it up half way with water and add your flowers to give your bouquet not just a pretty place to live, but a whole lot of personality.  The Reva Vase is reusable – just rinse, dry and store flat.  It’s perfectly portable, light, and unbreakable.  You can bet it will last you for years!

Visit Reva Vase to see their entire collection, and pick out your favorite to surprise your sweetie with this Valentine’s Day.  Don’t forget to snag the discount in the Rewards Store for just 50 Swag Bucks to save $2 on your Reva Vase order!

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