Games And Tournaments 411

TSG has been sitting here for at least an hour playing the Swagbucks Game, Fyoozd, over and over again.  I admit I even entered myself in a few tournaments, but I couldn’t come close to the top scores – you guys are good!  I know many of you are ecstatic to see game tournaments return to Swagbucks, and I’m here to give you the 411.  Let’s talk games!

There are two ways you can earn Swag Bucks for playing games: Free Play and Tournaments.

Free Play – All of our games offer Free Play, which means it does not cost you any Swag Bucks to play.  You can earn up to 10 Swag Bucks per day just by playing games in Free Play mode.  Keep in mind, if you quit out of the game rather than playing through to the end, you will not receive Swag Bucks.

Tournaments – There are three different types of game tournaments:


Limited Entry Tournaments – These tournaments are limited by number of entry.  You may only enter limited entry tournaments once.  The tournament closes when the final player has entered.  If a limited entry tournament is only open to 4 people, it will close upon the 4th entry.

Limited Time Tournaments – These tournaments are limited by amount of time.  You may enter as many times as you like.

Progressive Tournaments – These tournaments are like limited time tournaments in that you may enter as many times as you like and that they are limited by amount of time.  However, these tournaments are special in that the more people that enter the tournament, the more the 1st place winner will receive.

Please note: It can take up to 2 hours for a tournament to fully close and award winners.  This is to ensure that all scores are properly accounted for.

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Okay, what’s the best score YOU can get in Fyoozd?  Leave your score as a comment below – TSG is going to try to beat you!