Les Swagbucks Trailer

About a week ago we ran a poll in the blog to find out which Best Picture nominee you wanted to see Swagbucks make a parody of.  After your votes were tallied, it was determined that Les Miserables is the trailer to be Swagged Out.  A lot of work, sweat, and unnecessary downpours went into this production, and we are more than excited to share it with you.  Watch closely, as you’ll see the uncanny similarities between the original Les Miserables trailer and the Les Swagbucks trailer.  We were very careful as we attempted to match it, scene for scene.

First take a look at the original Les Miserables trailer:

Now, watch our parody and see how we measured up:

How did we do?  Were you able to match up all of the characters with the members of Team Swagbucks?  How about the actor playing Young Cosette – you almost can’t tell the difference between them!

What’s your favorite scene in the Les Swagbucks trailer?  Which Team Swagbucks actor do you think would win the award for Best Actor and why?  Let us know in the comments below for your shot at 25 Swag Bucks!