Poll Round-Up – Week of February 2, 2013

Hey Swaggernauts!  I hope everyone’s having a great Monday!  Let’s check out the results of last week’s Daily Polls.


I don’t mean to start this Round-Up in such a somber way, but I am very fearful of death and the unknown.  If I could, I would choose to live forever, and pass my immortality around to all of my friends and family.  However, more of you voted that you think living forever sounds scary.  What about living forever scares you?

I was surprised to see that the biggest percentage of votes in this next question went to “I’m not watching and am not rooting for a team,” regarding the Super Bowl.  To those of you who voted this way, why did you choose not to watch?  Would you have watched if your favorite team was playing?  Do you ever watch the Super Bowl?  To be honest, I really only watch it for the halftime show and the commercials.


It looks like the majority of our Swaggernauts do not work out at a gym.  I’m with you guys there!  I like to work out from the convenience of my own home.  I also get my exercise by bike riding along the coast – beautiful scenery, shining sun, and a great workout!


I come from a very busy family – everyone is always running around doing their own thing.  Dinner time, however, is the one part of the day where the whole family gathers together to enjoy some quality time.  It’s nice to see that so many of you are able to eat dinner together multiple times a week.  Spending time with family is something you won’t ever regret.


It’s very difficult to relay emotion through e-mails, text messages, etc.  That’s why I’m a big fan of emoticons – they may not be as easy to read as your actual facial expressions, but they definitely help set the tone of what you’re trying to say.  When it comes to a professional or serious setting, I say “yes,” I do use emoticons.  I certainly use emoticons when chatting with all you Swaggernauts, and although it may not feel like it, that’s a professional setting, because I am at work. :o)


Many of you voted in this next poll that you’re still a bit far away from snagging your next reward on Swagbucks.  I bet 10,000 Swag Bucks would help you out, wouldn’t it?  You can enter in the 10,000 Swag Buck Giveaway Swagstakes by clicking here.


Valentine’s Day used to be my favorite day when I was in grade school.  All of my classmates, including myself, would bring in Valentine cards for every one.  I would stay up the night before spending hours on my Valentine’s Day cards – perfecting everyone’s personal message.  My favorite Valentines to receive were always the ones that incorporated some kind of candy.  Oh how sweet it was!


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