Share The Love With Referrals

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and love is in the air!  We wanted to ensure that you’re feeling the love, which is why we are introducing the Share The Love promotion.  As of now, you can earn up to 1,000 matching Swag Bucks that each of your referrals earn through Search ONLY.  But things are about to get a lot sweeter.  Beginning at Midnight PST and continuing through the end of the day on Thursday, February 28th, you will now earn matching Swag Bucks, up to 1,000, for each referral on all of the following earning categories:


You know what this means, right?  Besides the obvious of earning oodles of Swag Bucks, you better start racking up those referrals!  Include your referral link in all of your valentines that you’ll be handing out tomorrow, post your referral link on your Facebook page, tweet your referral link, state your referral link at the end of your voicemail message, climb to the top of Mt. Everest and shout your referral link to the world.  However your choose to do so, the more referrals your bring in, the more you’ll benefit and the more Swag Bucks you’ll earn.

Give your friends and family 50 bonus Swag Bucks upon registration.  Just tell them to use the Sign Up code, “ShareTheLove”.

Just as every box of Valentine chocolate has one raspberry chew, moving forward, matching referral bucks will not count towards your Daily Goal Meter.

To learn more about referrals and how to find your referral link, click here.

We hope this promotion will help you introduce the wonderful world of Swagbucks to all of your friends and family, as well as expedite your opportunity to snag awesome rewards!

Ready, Set, Share the Love!