TSG’s Tips – The Ledger

Happy Monday – I trust everyone had a fantastic weekend.  TSG enjoyed the sun and was able to get out for a nice jog, as well as caught a few Kings games.  With Swagbucks’ 5th birthday just one short week away (did you RSVP yet?), I hope you’re preparing to earn a nice plethora of Swag Bucks (and maybe even some REAL CASH)!  Because you’ll be earning  frequently and consistently throughout the day in every which way possible, you might lose track of how many Swag Bucks you’ve earned from where.  “But wait, how many Swag Bucks did I earn from surveys today?”  “How many Swag Bucks did I get in codes?”  “This game is so addicting, I don’t even know how long I’ve been playing, let along how many Swag Bucks I’ve earned.”  Don’t worry – Swagbucks has you covered.  Take advantage of the Ledger!

You can access your ledger by hovering over your Swag Name and profile picture on the top right of any page of the Swagbucks site.  Select “My Swag Bucks” at the top:


From here, simply click on the “Ledger” tab.  You can now see a list of all of your Swag Buck transactions: how many you’ve earned, what you’ve earned them from, and the date you earned them on.

You can also see your total lifetime Swag Bucks earned, as well as how many Swag Bucks you currently have saved:

What’s great about the Ledger is the ability to sort.  Since we’ve launched the Share The Love promotion, where you can, for a limited time, earn matching Swag Bucks on all your referrals (up to 1,000) in all earning categories, you’ll certainly want to keep track of what you’re earning through your referrals.  You can do this easily by selecting “Referrals” from the “Categories” sorting option:

You can use this same sorting method to see how many Swag Bucks you’ve earned through Searching, Shop & Earn, Trade-In, Swag Codes, Special Offers, Surveys, etc.  You can also choose to sort by a specific date range.  For example, if you wanted to see how many Swag Bucks you earned just last week, set your range and click “Apply”:

TSG loves the ability to sort and organize his Swag Bucks, as he does this with all of his collections: movies, music, books, etc.  Now that you know how to keep your Swag Bucks organized, you’re ready to earn the big ones!