Who Is The Cutest Couple?

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?  Are you ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Swagbucks?  Tomorrow, to keep with the theme of love, we will be running a one-day-only, head-to-head competition to find the Cutest On Screen Couple.  Beginning at 6am PST, right here in the blog, you will have the opportunity to vote for your favorite on screen couple.  We will present you with two movie couples to choose from, each with a corresponding Swag Code.  Cast your vote by entering ONE of the Swag Codes in the “Gimme” box on the Swagbucks homepage within the allotted time frame.  Throughout the day, we will be updating the 6am blog post with new head-to-head battles. Make sure you keep your eye out, because if you vote in every round, you will have earned 14 Swag Bucks just through voting Swag Codes alone.

The Cutest Couple head-to-head competition will run all day, until we’ve determined the winner.  The crowning will take place, also in the 6am blog post, at the end of the day tomorrow, once all of the votes have been tallied.

Get ready for a love-filled day, and may the cutest couple win!