March Shopping Mania Winner

March Shopping Mania voting has closed.  All of the stores wait anxiously as they yearn to find out which of them will be offering DOUBLE SWAG BUCKS for the month of March.  The room is silent – you can hear a pin drop.  The spectating Swaggernauts sit impatiently on the sidelines, wallets out and ready to be used.  And then…just when everyone cannot wait any longer…The Swag Guy steps up to the podium.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Swaggernauts and Shop & Earn retailers, the time has finally come.  The votes have been tallied, and we have a winner.  Can I get a drum roll, please?





The store that will be offering DOUBLE SWAG BUCKS through the end of the month of March is….”

And the whole stadium is in an uproar!  Applause and cheers, smiles and happy tears!  Within seconds the stadium clears out.  Everyone runs to the closest computer to jump onto Shop & Earn and begin shopping at Kohl’s to get 4 Swag Bucks for every dollar they spend.

If you’re still here reading this, what are you waiting for?!  Head over to Kohl’s and take advantage of DOUBLE SWAG BUCKS!

Oh, wait, a code!  I almost forgot! For 4 Swag Bucks by 1:30pm PDT (4:30pm EDT), enter this underneath the Swag Code Safe Icon: