Music Monday – Ruby Tuesday

Exactly 46 years ago today, the Rolling Stones went to number 1 on the US Singles Chart with their hit, Ruby Tuesday.  “According to Keith Richards in a 1971 Rolling Stone interview, he wrote the song in a Los Angeles hotel room in early 1966 about a groupie he knew; he has also stated that it was about Linda Keith, his girlfriend in the mid-1960s” (Greenfield, Robert,19 August 1971).  I had a friend in elementary school named Ruby, and as soon as this song came out we would all call her Ruby Tuesday and sing the song to her.  She liked it for the first month, then she had enough of it.  However, her classmates did not.  That song follower her all through High School, and I’m willing to bet people still sing it to her today.  Ruby, if you’re reading this – I apologize for haunting you with this song all those years.