SBTV Is Getting A Makeover

Listen up, Swaggernauts!  Swagbucks TV is getting a makeover to ensure your experience is nothing but the best.  We’ve listened to your feedback and have since partnered with some of the top content providers on the web to bring you better, more entertaining, up-to-date videos, making SBTV even more enjoyable.  Remember, you can now easily access SBTV with one click of your mouse!  Just click on “Watch” on the top bar of the Swagbucks site.

Upon visiting our new SBTV page, you’ll notice it’s looks a bit different, hence the makeover.  The featured video at the top is now a lot bigger, giving you a better idea of what the video is about.  Feel free to flip through the featured videos, simply by clicking on the arrows on either side of the image or by clicking on the small dots underneath:

To check out videos in a specific category, simply hover over “Browse” at the top of the page and select the channel that interests you:

Although your SBTV meter will now look different, it will still operate in the same way.  Instead of watching a meter fill up, you’ll now watch as your bubbles get filled.  Once all of your bubbles have been filled in, you would have reached 100%, and you’ll be rewarded with 3 Swag Bucks.  You still have the same opportunity to earn 150 Swag Bucks every day just by watching videos on SBTV.

You’ll now find related videos underneath the video that you currently have playing.  You can view more related content by clicking on the arrows either to the right or to the left:

We hope the new look and the new content make your SBTV experience more fun, more entertaining, and more rewarding.

What is your favorite content to watch on SBTV?