St. Patty’s Savings

Are you all ready for St. Patrick’s Day?  Got all your green picked out?  All stocked up on beers?  Have your lucky charms in your pockets?  Good!  Now all you need is some Swagbucks Coupons to help you save and you’re all set!  Remember, for every coupon you redeem at your local store you’ll earn 10 Swag Bucks!  You can now find coupons underneath the “Discover” tab on the top bar of the Swagbucks site.

Let’s face it.  You can’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day without Lucky Charms!  Whether it’s a rabbit’s foot, a four-leaf clover, a lucky penny, or the cereal, as long as you’ve got something you’re good to go!  Clip the coupon and save 50¢ when you buy one box of Lucky Charms cereal.


Finding a pot of gold on St. Patrick’s Day would certainly be a “miracle.”  Give yourself a better chance by picking up a jar of Miracle Whip.  Clip the coupon and save $1 on one Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip dressing.


Everything is green on St. Patrick’s Day, so why not make sure your food is green too?  Clip the coupon and save 50¢ when you buy one package of any flavor of Green Giant Veggie Snack Chips.


Happy Saving!

What’s your lucky charm?