Swagbucks Pays Your Rent

Do you have a mortgage or rent to pay every month?  If so, listen up!  We are proud to introduce the Swagbucks Pays Your Rent Swagstakes, which has been made possible thanks to our friends at Loan Support Center.  For as little as 35 Swag Bucks, we’re giving you the opportunity to have your rent paid for, for one whole month!

Here at Swagbucks our mission is to make your time online more rewarding and help you in any way we can.  We provide you with coupons to save on all of your groceries, gift cards to enjoy a night out to dinner, games to keep you entertained, and now, a roof over your head.  Having, most likely, your most expensive monthly bill paid for will lighten up your stress and give you the opportunity to enjoy yourself, treat your family to something special, and catch up on payments you would normally have to put off.

We are offering DOUBLE ENTRIES on this Swagstakes all the way through MIDNIGHT PDT, so get your entries in!

Click here for official rules

Good luck!