The Only Thing Missing From Wii Is U

Hi everyone, it’s Ashley.  I’m one of those girls that likes video games – not the scary, violent ones, though.  I like the cute, fun ones, like Monkey Ball and Rayman.  I have Wii at my house and I play it all the time.  It’s especially fun to play with a group of friends – you can never go wrong with a group Wii bowling session.  When I heard about the Wii U I got seriously excited – no really, ask my friends.  A Wii that I can hold in my hands?!  A Wii that will make me feel like I’m actually a part of the game?  A Wii that I can play while someone else is watching TV?  Genius!  I haven’t been able to get my own Wii U yet (it somehow didn’t make the top of the priority list – stupid bills!), but I have played my friend’s and it’s SO much fun.  You’re basically in the game – it’s crazy!  It’s touch screen, it’s got a camera, rumble features, stereo speakers, and so many more awesome things.  To whoever wins this Swagstakes – I’m very jealous of you!  Will you share?

You can snag DOUBLE ENTRIES on the Nintendo Wii U Deluxe Console Swagstakes until 4pm Pacific Time today.

Good luck!