TSG’s Tips – Redeeming Swag Codes

You may think TSG’s favorite past time is following his Los Angeles Dodgers in Spring Training or stumbling upon a Doctor Who marathon on TV but you would be wrong (although I have a hard time passing up a Tom Baker episode, but I digress) No, my all-time favorite activity is hiding Swag Codes around various Swagbucks properties for the finding.  But what good is all my sneaky placements if my Swaggernauts don’t know how to redeem these codes and add to their Swag Bucks account?  Therefore, today I will focus on how to claim a Swag Code once you have found one.

The first thing you want to do is click on the icon next to your Swag Bucks total that looks like the dial to a safe.

I like to think of this as “unlocking your Swag Code safe” so that you can deposit your newly found bonus Swag Bucks into your account.  Once you click on it a box will drop down where you can then enter the Swag Code.

You can type the code in the box yourself (remember they are always case sensitive) or take advantage of the nifty keyboard shortcut referred to as “control V” or  CTRL + V which is a fancy way of saying “Paste”.  Using this keyboard shortcut is the easiest way to ensure the Swag Code is entered just as you copied it.  Once you have entered the Swag Code click the Redeem Swag Code button below.

The beauty of the Swag Code Safe Dial is that it is always on the top bar of any page you are on within Swagbucks.com.  No need to go back to the homepage just to redeem a Swag Code.

Now let’s say you are a die-hard fan of the Gimme box.  Well you are in luck!  By simply going to the My Account page (found by hoving over your picture on the top bar and choosing My Swag Bucks from the drop down menu) you will access the good ol’ Gimme box on the lefthand side.

So I can hear you saying, “Why don’t you give us a Swag Code right now so we can try it out?” Patience, grasshopper.  You will find a Swag Code in this blog at a later time today.

While we wait, can you suggest another name for the new Swag Code safe icon?  Include your suggestions in the comments below.  If you see a suggestion you think we should adopt just “like” that comment. You never know, your suggestion could be the next edition to the Swagbucks lexicon.