TSG’s Tips – Shop & Earn Icons

Happy Monday!  Did everyone enjoy their St. Patrick’s Day?  TSG is certainly feeling the after effects of the green beer this morning.  But, nothing will stop TSG from doin’ what he loves the most – swaggin’!  For today’s TSG’s Tips, I want to focus on one of everyone’s favorite features, Shop & Earn.  Swagbucks Shop & Earn combines three of the best things any Swaggernaut could ask for – good deals, earning Swag Bucks, and, well, shopping!  At Shop & Earn, you’ll find over 700 of your favorite retailers, each offering a Swag Buck reward for every dollar you spend!

Upon visiting Shop & Earn your mind may begin to boggle as you are presented with, not only a plethora of places to shop, but numerous icons, all representing something different.  But what do they all mean?!?  Don’t panic!  TSG is here to explain it all!

 – This icon represents “favorite.”  Click this heart to label that store as a favorite.  You’ll then be able to easily access all of your “favorite” stores by clicking on the “My Favorites” tab at the top of Shop & Earn.

 – This icon represents a store you have already favorited.  Simply click it to remove it from your favorites.

– This icon represents “Clearance.”  This may be special deals, items of the day, value bundles, and more.


– This icon represents “Free Shipping.”  This may be on a specific item, category, or order minimum.


– This icon represents a special deal.  This may be special offers, membership opportunities, highlighted categories, and more.

– If you see this icon, you can be sure that this is the lowest guaranteed price.  Whether it’s on a certain item, category, shipping rate, etc., you can bet you’re looking at the best deal around.

– Click this icon, on the top right of the Shop & Earn page, to be redirected to a quick, easy survey, and let us know

what you think about the Swagbucks Shop & Earn feature.  We’d love to hear your feedback!

Click here to start shopping now.

And now you know!  Nothing is holding you back from finding great deals, awesome products, and earning Swag Bucks along the way!