A Helpful Tip From TSGal

So I’m in the process of having one of my bathrooms re-tiled, and the workers were at my house this past weekend trying to figure out the best way to lay the tile (it’s a rather small space, and the tiles are big and rectangular, so we’re trying to figure out which way to put them down and how many we can fit across).  Not that you care, but anyway.  The whole process and ongoing conversations about tiles reminded me about the cool tile organization option on the Swagbucks homepage, and I wanted to make sure you were all aware and/or taking advantage of it.

Right underneath the search bar on the homepage, you’ll see two little boxes – one dark gray, one light gray.  One box has three horizontal lines on it and the other box has four little squares on it.  These are your card organization options.

This allows you to change the view of the earning cards to either list or tile form.  List form (the three horizontal lines) simply lists the earning offers one underneath another.  Tile form (the four little squares) lays the cards in tiles, showing two earning cards right next two each other, two more underneath those, and so on.  This enables you to see more offers on your screen at once:


Just a helpful tip that I thought I’d share – that and my super exciting bathroom re-tiling story!

Happy Swaggin’!