Announcing Spring Into Action

If you read today’s Music Monday, you would know that we have an exciting announcement coming today.  Well, that announcement happens to be right now!  Introducing Spring Into Action!  Now is the time to get all of your friends and family members who are not yet registered at Swagbucks to come on over and sign up!  Why?  Because, starting RIGHT NOW and continuing through the end of the month, April 30th, for every new referral you get, you’ll earn MATCHING SWAG BUCKS on everything they earn within the earning actions (get it? Spring Into Action – boy, are we clever!) located on the top bar of Swagbucks: Shop, Search, Watch, Play, Answer (Surveys, Daily Polls, Tasks), and Discover (Special Offers, Coupons, Toolbars, NOSO)!  That means if your referral earns 39 Swag Bucks for a Search win, you’ll earn 39 Swag Bucks, too.  If your referral earns 100 Swag Bucks from a Survey, you’ll earn those 100 Swag bucks, too.  If your referral gets 500 Swag Bucks through a Special Offer, that’s right, you’ll get those 500 Swag Bucks, too!  And so on and so on and so on.  You can earn up to 1,000 matching Swag Bucks per referral.  As soon as your referral earns, your Swag Buck account will be credited! (Please note: Matching referral Swag Bucks will not be reflected in your Daily Goal Meter)

You can invite your friends by using the Invite And Earn feature located on the left side of the Swagbucks homepage:


From here you’ll be able to send out your referral link-enabled invitations via Facebook or e-mail.  For more details on how to invite your friends, click here.

For helpful referral tips, click here.

Give your referrals a head start with 50 bonus Swag Bucks!  Just tell them to use the sign-up code “SPRINGIN2SWAG”.

Okay….ready, set, Spring Into Action!