Earth Day Tips

We are two days away from Earth Day – how will you be celebrating?  I think many of us take our planet for granted – we never stop to think, to appreciate, the beautiful world in which we live.  Earth Day is an important reminder of where we come from and how lucky we are to be here.  It’s the one day of the year you should really strive to help and take care of your environment in any way you can.  I’m here today with helpful Earth Day tips, so that you can participate in the celebration of our planet.

  • Use public transportation to reduce air pollution and save on fuel costs.
  • Take your old computer, DVD player, or other electronics to an electronics recycling center. Reusing and recycling materials like copper, gold, and others saves natural resources and reduces mining and processing.
  • Leaky faucets can waste thousands of gallons of water each year, like money down the drain. Repair or replace old or damaged fixtures.
  • Compost helps improve soil so it holds more water and plants grow better. Allow grass clippings to stay on the lawn, instead of bagging them. Food scraps and kitchen waste also make good compost, and you save money on fertilizers or other additives.
  • Recycle your dry cleaning, newspaper, & bread bags and also the plastic film on products like paper towels.
  • Be creative as you look for new ways to reduce the amount or kinds of household waste. Give cardboard tubes to pet hamsters or gerbils. Plant seeds in an egg carton. Make a flower pot out of a plastic ice cream tub. By thinking creatively, you will often find new uses for common items and new ways to recycle and reduce waste.
  • Unplug your cell phone charger from the wall when not using it.
  • If you use plastic grocery bags, recycle them for doggie poop bags or for small trashcan liners.
  • Don’t run the water when brushing your teeth.
  • Do full loads of laundry and set the rinse cycle to “cold.”
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Do you have a helpful Earth Day tip?  Leave it in the comments below!