Win With Better Odds



TSG always loves to make his users happy.  Have you checked out our Limited Entry Swagstakes lately?  For those who may not know, Limited Entry Swagstakes are Swagstakes that only have a certain number of total entries available.  This can range from 10 total entries to 100 total entries to 10,000 total entries.  By offering Limited Entry Swagstakes, you have the opportunity to choose the prize you’re seeking, as well as the odds of winning.  For example, if there are only 10 total entries available, each entry you snag would give you a 10% chance of winning.  But wait, TSG wants to give you even BETTER odds!

Now, for every single Limited Entry Swagstakes available, there will either be a lower entry fee, meaning less Swag Bucks per entry, or the total number of entries available will be reduced, giving you a better chance of winning.  That means that a Swagstakes that might have originally had 100 total entries available might now have only 75 total entries available, and a Swagstakes that was originally offering 14 Swag Bucks per entry might now be offering 10 Swag Bucks per entry, allowing you to snag more and better your odds.

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Every Swagstakes needs a winner, why shouldn’t it be you?

Good luck!