Retail Therapy

Happy Thursday, everyone!  Tomorrow’s Friday – woohoo!  So, I have a little brother who is not so little anymore.  He just graduated from college, and I can’t believe it, because I still feel like he’s 6 years old.  Obviously, he’s not. I now have to get Brian, my brother, a graduation gift, and my goodness, boys are so hard to shop for!  However, I checked out Shop & Earn (graduation gifts can be super expensive, so I might as well get some Swag Bucks back for my purchase), and was pleasantly surprised at the awesome graduation gift ideas that I discovered.  Check it out:

My brother and I always used to battle and compete in video games, especially Tekken and Rayman.  We had the original, old school PlayStation.  So, maybe I’ll upgrade him and get him a PlayStation 3 from Game Stop.  Right now you’ll earn 1 Swag Bucks back for every dollar you spend.


The Microsoft Store has an awesome selection of graduation gifts.  Being that my brother tends to blast his music quite frequently, I’m thinking about getting him the JBL Flip Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speaker – I know he’d love it.  Right now at the Microsoft Store you can earn 2 Swag Bucks back for every dollar you spend.


You can bet you’ll find the perfect gift at Best Buy for the guy in your life who’s graduating!  I’m thinking about getting Brian Apple TV because he’s always setting up his MacBook to catch his sports games and watch his favorite shows, and I think he would appreciate the ability to watch it on his TV rather than his 13″ MacBook.  If you shop at Best Buy now you’ll earn 1 Swag Buck back for every dollar you spend.


What gift did you get for the graduate in your life?  Did you make your purchase using Swagbucks Shop & Earn?