TSG’s Tips – Discover More Swag Bucks!







TSG has one mission today – to get you more Swag Bucks!  Simple as that. Period. Ta-da.  The End.

But getting there may not sound simple at first.  That’s why I’ve dedicated this TSG’s Tips to all the various ways you can DISCOVER more Swag Bucks, specifically through Special Offers.  “Special Offers” refers to a variety of earning opportunities including but not limited to videos to watch, articles to read, brand activities to…um…activate.  Generally speaking, before you do anything you may want to check around the various Special Offers to see if you can earn Swag Bucks for getting the information you need.  Curious about your credit score?  Looking for new car insurance? Thinking about ordering business cards? Want more information about diabetes?  I could go on and on because there really is no limit to the ways Special Offers can earn you Swag Bucks.

But where do you find these great Special Offers?  There are four main places to look.

1. Under the Discover tab along the top of any Swagbucks page.






Hover your cursor over the word DISCOVER to drop down a menu and you will find Special Offers as the first option.  Click on Special Offers and you will be taken to a virtual clearing house of offers for your picking.

2. As a card on your Swagbucks Homepage.  Look for the card that says Discover in the corner.  It may look like this:






Or for some of you it may look like this:











3. Check your Swagbucks Inbox Nessages. Click on the mail icon along the top of any Swagbucks page, which looks like this:



Clicking on that icon will take you to your Swagbucks Inbox Messages where you will find a plethora of Special Offers chosen specifically for you!  Here is a sample of just one:



4. Check your email for even more Special Offers sent directly to you.  They look like this:

(just kidding, TSG is very powerful but even he doesn’t know what your personal email looks like)

So there you have it, four more ways to earn Swag Bucks.  Plus, remember that last week I told you how you can complete and earn from Special Offers on the go from your mobile device.  Click here for a refresher.

May you go forth and conquer those Swag Bucks!