Week in Review – May 12, 2013


It’s time for another

Week in Review

where we discuss the events

and fun things that we do

On Monday we began

our Mother’s Day Gift Guide

with helpful gift ideas

on which did you decide?

Tuesday we shared

Mother’s Day ideas from SBTV

From shopping tips to fashion tips

to yummy recipes

In this Wednesday’s game challenge

there was swag to be memorized

Many of you posted your high scores

as Justin had advised

Thursday we reminded you

of DOUBLE SBs at Walmart

Shop through Swagbucks Shop & Earn

and fill up your virtual cart

In this week’s Book Club post

we were visited by the police

they were here to help fix our grammar

so that we can all read and write in peace

Now it’s time to get back to earning

it’s time to get back to snagging

I hope everyone had a good weekend

Enjoy the day and happy swaggin’!