Win A VIP Trip To LA To See Taylor Swift Or One Direction

Ashley here!  Okay, guys – I am really reluctant to write this blog post, because this Swagstakes is SO cool I don’t want anyone else to enter, because I want to win.  Buuuuuuuut, I guess that wouldn’t be fair.  So, anyone who knows me knows I have a slight obsession with Taylor Swift.  Okay, fine, that might be an understatement.  She’s definitely my favorite artist, and I admire her not only as a musician, but as a classy, successful, respectable individual.  Okay…glad we got that out of the way…moving on!  Let’s talk about One Direction.  Not only am I super into all of the singing competitions here in the US (American Idol, X Factor, The Voice), I even follow the UK versions.  I remember watching all of the members of One Direction audition individually for The X Factor UK, and now look where they’ve come – pretty impressive.  I guess they’ve go that “one thing.”  Too cheesy?  My apologies.  After all this One Direction and Taylor Swift talk, you’re probably wondering “what is this Swagstakes she’s referring to?”  Well, guys, here it is…

One very lucky Swaggernaut is going to win a VIP trip for 2 to Los Angeles for a two-night stay, AND will sit in a VIP Box Suite at the LA Staples Center to see either Taylor Swift or One Direction LIVE!!  Ahhhhh!!!  Are you freaking out as much as I was when I first saw this?

Okay, so how do you enter?  Just head over to the Swagstakes and enter for as low as 30 Swag Bucks.  Here’s a helpful tip – the more entries you snag, the cheaper each individual entry becomes, and the better your chances of winning.  If there are no entries left when you go to enter, that just means I snagged them all.  LOL

Good luck!  And to whoever wins – if you want to bring me as your guest, I really, honestly would not mind at all!