Cracking the code to find the ANSWER

Hi Swaggernauts!  There has been a small update to your ledger that I want to tell you about.

In your My Account section (found by hovering over you name in the upper right corner of any swagbucks page and choosing “My Swag Bucks” from the menu) you will notice that Surveys are now called Answers.  But now you will find even more information listed to help you better keep track of your survey awards.  There is a system to the info listed in the ledger and it follows this pattern:

Answers: Location: -SurveyID – Status

“Location” means where you found the survey: Dashboard, Email, Inbox and coming soon – Peanut Labs!

Here is an example:


Pretty simple, right?

We are also going to keep the Category choice when filtering your Swag Bucks awards as SURVEYS since that is what you are looking for.  I like to think of it this way – I am looking for Surveys awards and finding Answers.

Happy Swaggin’!