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Here at Swagbucks, we pride ourselves on the ability to help our members.  Whether it’s using Swagbucks to save money on groceries, pay your bills, get your holiday shopping done, or just kill your boredom, we are happy to assist you in any way we can.  We love hearing from our Swaggernauts as they express their gratitude to us, because it reinforces why we are here in the first place.  Here is a wonderful testimonial sent in by one of our Swaggernauts, faronheights:

I came upon Swagbucks just a matter of months ago, back in late August of 2012. Back then, I had no idea how good it was. I had seen several offers for them elsewhere, and finally decided to dive in.
From the start of September, I went full-bore, trying everything I could to rake in Swag Bucks. Being unemployed like I am, it was a nice way to earn while simultaneously, as you guys have so eloquently put it, “killing my boredom”. SBTV, Games, the Mobile App, Search… It’s very easy to kill off boredom with so many options.

But, there is more to it than just killing boredom. Swagbucks saved Christmas last year for me. I would not have had money with which to purchase presents for my friends and family, thanks to the whole unemployment thing. But, in those few months, I snagged $200 which I was able to use to get everything I could ever want for everyone on my list. This year is looking even better than last year, and not just because I am going to be with Swagbucks for a year as opposed to 4 months.

This year, I discovered something which instantly resonated with me: Twitter Trivia. I love trivia and trivia games for a start, so I was always going to be a big fan of this. After refining my skills, I have managed to become a regular contender on the game. In fact, this month I have earned 625 Swag Bucks from this contest alone! For those getting discouraged, keep trying! You may hit a streak like this, too!

One thing that I absolutely love about Swagbucks is the fact that there are so many ways to earn without boring yourself doing the same thing over and over again. SBTV allows me to learn about the world around me while earning for it, which is fantastic. The cute animal videos under Uzoo are a nice bonus as well.

Games are another great source of Swag Bucks. Just 10 games will earn you 10 Swag Bucks a day. That’s an extra 300 per month, which is nearly enough for another GC. Think about it. Search is another favored place. You just search for things and win that way. It’s always a nice surprise when it happens, too.

For those of you with an Android or iPhone, I would highly recommend picking up the Mobile Apps. For watching videos on your phone, you could earn up to 76 SBs per day. That’s 2,280 per month for those of you wondering.

Taking advantage of all of these, and some more, allows me to net over 200 SBs per day, and I’m aiming for my first $75 month in June. All you need to have is time and patience and you can achieve this as well.

I wish I would have found Swagbucks sooner. Now, boredom equals stuff, which is awesome in every sense of the word. You will always have my gratitude and a Swaggernaut for life!


Congratulations on all of your Swagbucks success, faronheights!  Here’s to many more years of rewarding Swaggin’!


If you want to share your story, e-mail us at Contests@Swagbucks.com.  If we share your story in the blog, we’ll hook you up with 200 Swag Bucks!  Be sure to include your Swag Name, as well as a picture of yourself you wouldn’t mind sharing with the community.

We’re looking forward to hearing from all of you.  Happy Swaggin’!