TSG’s Tips – Collector’s Bills

One of my favorite activities on Swagbucks is Collector’s Bills.

For those of you who may be newer to Swagbucks and have never experienced Collector’s Bills, I’m here to get you up to speed!

First thing’s first. What are Collector’s Bills? Collector’s Bills are a set of Limited Edition Swag Buck bills that you can win by using Swagbucks Search. When these bills are active, sometimes instead of earning a normal Swag Buck win, you’ll win one of the Limited Edition bills. You can track which bills you’ve collected by hovering over your profile picture and Swag Name on the top right of the Swagbucks website, selecting “My Swag Bucks,” and clicking on the “Collector’s Bills” tab.

A typical Collector’s Bill set consists of 5-6 Swag Buck bills, each representing a different Swag Buck value. You have a set amount of time to collect the entire set by winning through Swagbucks Searches, and if you do, you’ll be rewarded with a special Swag Buck bonus at the end of the promotion.

So now TSG is sending you on your way to become Swaglock Holmes and search out those Collector’s Bills! Start searching!

Have fun!