TSG’s Tips – SBTV



Happy Monday, Swaggernauts.  TSG here with another useful earning tip.  Today I want to walk you through the WATCH portion of the site.  Some people call it SBTV, others call it Swagbucks TV, whatever you call it, it’s all about watching entertaining videos and earning Swag Bucks for it!  Just for simplification, I will call it SBTV today. You will find SBTV by clicking on WATCH in the top bar of any Swagbucks page.

Choose any video that interests you.  You will find an Editor’s Pick on the main page or you can drop down the BROWSE menu and choose from a whole host of options, everything from News to Fashion to Food to Technology.  And each category has many subcategories.  Here is a snapshot of what you will find if you choose Entertainment.

Once you have selected a topic you will be taken to a page filled with videos thumbnails. Choose your video by clicking on it and it will become the main video with a slider showing 4 additional videos below.  Place your cursor on the first or last video of the slider and you will see an arrow appear telling you there are more available videos in that category.  Just keep clicking on the arrow to see more!


So what does all this clicking get you? To more Swag Bucks, of course!  Every time you watch a video your meter will fill up a little more.

Once the meter is filled – which is the same as watching 10 videos – you will earn 3 Swag Bucks.  But don’t stop there, watching 10 more videos = 3 more Swag Bucks, and so on.  All the way up to a total of 150 Swag Bucks a day, if you so choose.


SBTV is one of the easiest and most guaranteed way to earn Swag Bucks.  You may notice your meter credits a viewing before the video is over.  That’s okay.  We want you to enjoy the content and believe that with over 1,000 videos available each day you can find something that appeals to you.  But if you find you don’t really need to know “Planning Tips for Your Wedding Cake” or aren’t interested in the trailer to “The Purge” you can click to the next video and not hurt our feelings.


New content is added daily so check back often!


Swag Code Alert: Enter the name of the 3rd category down from the top in the SBTV Entertainment category list by 7am PDT/10am EDT for 3  Swag Bucks.