Saturday Do-It-Yourself: Paper Mache Animals by holachi

It’s Saturday so it is time for another DIY project! This fun paper mache project was submitted by Swaggernaut holachi of Lynnwood, WA.  holachi′s account is now stuffed with 500 Swag Bucks in return.  If you have a DIY or Recipe to share please send an email to; include all the details and a picture or two, and especially don’t forget your Swag Name because if I feature your project in an upcoming blog you too will be 500 Swag Bucks richer!

holachi writes:

I love to make paper mache art.

Using Junk Mail, newspapers and magazines I dilute three parts water to one part Elmer’s Glue. I decorate with tissue paper gift wrap, using a paintbrush to press the decorations in place.  You can also use flour paste*, but if the art is going to be around for a while you may experience mold.

*Flour Paste recipe: 1 Cup flour + 1/2 Cup water

This was my last art piece I gave to my nephew it stands two and half feet tall, and is tough enough to play with and serves a double purpose of being a bank.

I have done a lot of dinosaurs for the nephews and nieces, all of them so far are banks as well as toys. This is a great party activity for kids too, just buy a bag of balloons, give them the glue mixture and an apron, a stack of old junk mail, newspaper, magazines and safety scissors, and watch them create their own masterpieces. Really great activity for the back porch or a rainy day on vacation at the beach, the kids can incorporate shells into their artwork!

I also like to do pinatas for family celebrations.

Thank you holachi!  As you know we are especially partial to dinosaurs here at Swag Central. If you have extra balloons I found another easy project on SBTV to try:

If you try either of these projects this weekend share pictures in the comments and I might hook you up with 125 Swag Bucks!  Don’t forget that Monday is a full day of Crazy 8 fun including 8 Swag Codes!  See you there!