Swagbucks Around the World, an International Company

Happy Canada Day to Canada, Happy July 1st to the US, UK, Ireland and India, Happy July 2nd to Australia!  Let’s all synchronize our watches – oh, we can’t do that because we are all over the world in all different time zones.  And that is just one of the many challenges of being an international business.

We at Swagbucks are very excited and blessed to be able to do business in 6 different countries at the moment but we also understand this can cause some confusion and frustration since different earning opportunities are available in each.  This is because we as Swagbucks must work with the companies that are available in each territory.  Amazon.com in the US is a different company than Amazon.ca in Canada and a different company than Amazon.co.uk.  Each division has its own rules, regulations and agreements that must be sorted out on an individual basis.  This is also true for survey and special offer companies.  The inventory for one country is completely separate from the inventory of another country and that is often reflected on Swagbucks.  There are also different laws that need to be followed.  For example, the UK may allow online gambling offers while the US does not.  Australia may allow certain types of sweepstakes while Canada may not.  And with SBTV or mobile video apps, it depends also on video licensing agreements that are restrictive to which territory.  All this is to say that we at Swagbucks value each and every member in all territories and work hard to find the most rewarding opportunities available in each country.

To help you get the most out of Swagbucks in your particular area we maintain country-specific facebook pages where you will find the information that is most pertinent to your earning options.  If you haven’t done so yet, I recommend “liking” and visiting the Swagbucks facebook page for your country: Swagbucks UK, Swagbucks Canada, Swagbucks India and Swagbucks Australia.  You will notice that each of these pages is restricted to people residing in those countries. You will also notice that our flagship facebook page, known simply as Swagbucks, is open to all countries.  Everyone is invited and welcome to visit the flagship facebook page but be aware that this page deals mainly with the US population as it is the only page this particular territory has access to.  This explains why offers posted on the Swagbucks facebook page may not be relevant to you if you are not in the US.  Again, please visit your home country Swagbucks facebook page for the most relevant information to you.

And a quick note about Swag Codes.  A Swag Code can and will be made country specific, usually based on time zones.  Because each country can and will release Swag Codes specific to that country only (to celebrate a special holiday, or to reach the most people at that time based on typical waking hours), all codes cannot be made available to all countries at all times.  Again – check your local facebook page or Swagbucks Blog for the most up to date info for your country.

We are excited to be doing business in the global economy but there are still hurdles to be overcome.  But one thing that is true no matter where you live: Swagbucks makes your time online more rewarding.

Thank you for your continued support,

Scott Dudelson

Chief Operating Officer