TSG’s Tips – Earning with Encrave

Happy Monday, Swagnation.  TSG here with another useful earning tip.  Today I want to talk about Encrave and how you can discover amazing videos, articles and websites on the Internet and earn at the same time – how swagtastic is that?

You’ll find Encrave on the Homepage, in your inbox, sometimes above your ledger and as an additional earning option after you complete the trending daily poll.  Here is a snapshot of what Encrave looks like on the Swagbucks homepage and the inbox:

Once you click the link, you will have the opportunity discover new videos and articles that are trending across the internet.  Choose one of the options in the list or just start from the top and work your way through the list. Here’s a quick view of what you might find when you start exploring.

Once you have selected an option from the list, you will be taken to the detail page where you can watch, read and explore the content. Please note, you must watch the video in its entirety before selecting the next one in the list. If you click too soon, you will be prompted with a message asking you to keep viewing. In some cases, you may see a timer that tracks the amount of time you’ve spent on the page. Once that timer gives you the “OK” you can move to the next option in the series! Here’s a quick look at what a timed page looks like…

So what does discovering new videos and content get you? Well, it gets your more Swag Bucks, of course! Every time you complete the list of options, you will earn Swag Bucks. Also, you may have multiple opportunities to discover new videos and content through Encrave during the day. As long as you see the homepage card or the inbox message, you can discover and earn! How great is that?

Encrave is one of the most entertaining and guaranteed ways to earn Swag Bucks.  We want you to enjoy and discover great content across the internet and with Encrave, you will find something that appeals to you.

New content is added hourly so check back often!