TSG’s Tips – Learn and Earn with #SwagWord

TSG believes in keeping the brain and the finger active.  And that is why one of my favorite ways to award my loyal and creative Swaggernauts with bonus Swag Bucks is through the SwagWord of the Day!

Each weekday at 9am Pacific Time @Swagbucks will tweet the SwagWord of the Day.  It will look something like this:

In this brief 140 characters is an abundance of earning opportunity!  First you will notice the link – that leads directly to search results on Swagbucks for that day’s words.  Click on the link in the tweet and you just might score a search win as well as learn the definition.

Another way to earn from the #SwagWord is to use that day’s word in a sentence in a tweet.  Don’t forget to include #SwagWord so we can easily see it AND most importantly, include your Swag Name so we know who to award the 25 Swag Bucks to!  Did I just say 25 Swag Bucks for a tweet?!?  I sure did!  Throughout the day we will Retweet  between 2 and 10 #SwagWord tweets.  If you see yours get the RT, you can be assured your account is getting the 25 Swag Bucks!

How else could the #SwagWord pay off?  Beyond expanding your vocabulary and impressing your friends, you never know when a #SwagWord is going to make an appearance in Twitter Trivia or as a Swag Code.

And one final way knowing the #SwagWord pays: It can help you understand graffiti!  Just take a look at what Becky from Team Swagbucks found spray painted on the side of the road.

So there you go, yet another way to earn Swag Bucks!

Tweet on, my friends, Tweet on.