Update to Swagbucks Games Pages

Since Wednesday is pretty much Games Day here at Swagbucks, it is a perfect time to update you on the latest update to the page.

We launched a new design of our Games earlier this year.  One thing we’ve been hearing is that the games is that you couldn’t see the full game because the height was too tall.  Last week, we launched a feature that will now pop out the game into its own window if your screen window is too short.

One important thing to remember, is to keep the main swagbucks.com window open, where you launched the game from.  This is how your score will be recorded for a tournament or the free play.

If your screen is plenty tall enough, no need to worry, your game will show up just as it did before within the same window.

Some of my favorite games are Pegland and Fyoozd.  What are your favorite games?